The Fool’s Journey

As promised, I taking my first steps at blogging.  I’ve been playing around with WordPress the last few weeks since first setting up this space, as well as journaling and general brainstorming about what I want to do here. For two weeks, I’ve put off blogging because I have been fretting about what to write – so many ideas and so much second guessing. Today I decided to emulate the Fool, and just dive in with both feet and write, just start my journey already, without worries or cares, without a plan or a map. So here goes!

One of my favorite things to do is traipse through the woods and along the shore with my camera. It’s been a long winter, with record amounts of snow, so a warm sunny morning today called to me to go for a hike in the nearby woods. I filled a bag with my camera, my Wildwood tarot, a notebook and pen, a flask of tea, and some pretty rocks, and set off.

My hiking companion is my almost-3 year old chocolate lab, Balin. He is always up for an adventure, and like me, the woods are his favorite place to be (besides on a mat in front of a roaring fire). He’s 90 pounds of slobber, fierce loyalty, and unwavering adoration.

Our regular circuit, the walk we do nearly every day it’s fit, takes us through an old cemetery behind my house. My paternal grandparents, my Scottish roots, are buried there… the ground holds my DNA, the whispers of memories carried in bones through generations.

We continue on, through paths and deer trails, fields and woods. This time of the year, each day in the forest I note the glaciers of snowdrifts are slowly retreating and there are more and more islands of green moss. Today I see the first pussywillows beginning to bud out in response to the ever-warming sun. A few brave shoots of green grass thrust through the brown remains of last summer’s glory.

The Fool on her Journey, faithful dog at her side, bag and boots the means to go anywhere. 🙂

I see a glow of green in the snow, a fallen tree covered in moss in a sunny glade. A bracket of fungus provides a perfect altar, so I dig out my cards and a quartz crystal. I send roots of energy down through the layer of snow on the ground, down through moss, through black loamy soil, past roots and slumbering insects, past stones and bones, through the basalt bedrock of the Island, through the very crust of the Earth to the molten core of energy within her, which I then draw up into myself. I reach my consciousness up like the branches of the spruce trees around me, up to the blue of the sky, the warmth of the sun, and I draw that sky-energy into me as well. I feel the two streams of energy settle, swirling in my centre. I set my intention, shuffle and cut the cards and lay three on the green moss. They become three portals, three doorways to another world. I step through…



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