Wild Unknown: A mini review

So my new Wild Unknown deck made it here today, and I have to say – I love it right out of the box. I’ve had the app for about a month now, so I am quite familiar with the images, but I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the cards – the stock is thicker than I expected, with a nice smooth matte finish. Very rich feeling, and unlike any other deck I own. The deck is packaged in a beautiful box, with a ribbon for lifting out the cards. Instead of a LWB, the deck comes with a folded sheet with basic information about each card and the suits.

The thick card stock makes the cards feel a little stiff out of the box, but after some shuffling, they feel like they are softening up a bit.

An 20150610_160156inaugural hike was in order – so we off we set for a favorite spot in the forest where I just recently discovered some white Lady’s Slipper orchids blooming. They are an endangered and protected flower here in Nova Scotia, and in all my years on this island, this is the first time I have seen white Lady’s Slippers. What is even more surprising is that these beauties are growing on a trail I walk nearly daily.

As I walked with the cards, I was struck by how easily the cards spoke to me right out of the box. Some decks (like Shadowscapes) take a lot of time and journalling before I feel ready to read with them. Although I still plan to do a lot of journalling with this deck, I also feel a connection right away.

The Tower card spoke to me as I hiked – I love how the card shows lightning20150610_161220 striking a tree, the top of the tree falling. As I hiked by decaying logs, I was reminded that the top of that blasted tree will fall to the forest floor and decay, providing nourishment for the forest, making way for new growth. The Tower represents catastrophic change, ending, but this representation reminds me that in every ending there is a beginning. That change is the basis of growth; that sometimes things have to end and change to make way for something new, something stronger.

For the most part, I adore the representations of the Court cards. The Pentacles Court are deer, and if you’ve read past posts here you will know I feel a strong connection to deer. Wands are represented by snakes and Swords by Owls, both animals I also connect with. However, I will have to do some journalling and work with the Cups Court, a family of swans, since I have no experience or connection with swans.

My first (and only!) reading was a little three card “getting to know you” spread: wu2

1. Tell me about the our relationship, this Wild Unknown deck and me. The card I drew was the 8 of Pentacles. Looks like I will have to work at this relationship. Honing skills is something that takes time. This card is the craftsman card – about working and practicing towards mastering a skill. The Spider says to me that this deck will help me keep tabs on all the little threads in the greater Web of time and fate, the web that connects everything.

2. What can I learn from you? I drew the Mother of Wands. The Mother of Wands is the career woman. As this is the first new working deck I have acquired since my decision to start reading tarot professionally, I take this as an omen that this card will see me through my tarot career, and will be able to advise me and guide me on my path.  This deck will teach me confidence, will inspire me.

3. Do you have any advice for me at this point in my tarot journey? I drew the 8 of Swords. Any limitations I feel are all in my mind. I have the power within myself to rise above any troubles I may have. I love this image – the butterfly still trapped within its chrysalis, suspended from a sword above the points of seven more sharp swords. It is within my power to emerge as the butterfly and transcend all doubts, fears, and limitations.

A sunset hike to the shore with the the Wild Unknown.

I am sure I’ll be writing much, much more about this deck. I am gearing up for a four day camping trip, and the Wild Unknown and my brand new composition book just for journalling about her will be coming with me, providing ample time to get to know each other out in Nature, where we both are comfortable.  Oh yeah… have I mentioned I am in love? 🙂


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