Ace of Cups : Kayaking in the Cove


I draw a tarot card every day to get an idea of what to expect for the day, and I then spend the day looking for signs of that card. Yesterday, my card of the day was the Ace of Cups.

Cups correspond to the element of water in the tarot. The Cups cards relate to emotions, relationships, intuition and receptivity. Aces are the root of that energy, containing the potential of that energy – like a seed, like a little acorn containing the potential of a giant oak within it. Aces can represent a new beginning; Ace of Cups can be a new relationship, a birth (an actual birth of a child, or a more figurative birth of an idea). I also see the Aces as gifts – the Waite-Smith deck I used has the Aces represented by a disembodied hand presenting a symbol of each suit, as if offering it to the Seeker. The Ace of Cups presents the gift of a cup flowing over, the gift of love, joy, emotional renewal.

I had an uneventful morning – stayed around the house catching up on chores. I had the afternoon free and to myself, so I read in my garden for a while then decided I’d beat the heat by going on the nearby brook in my kayak for a little paddle. Just as I was getting ready to go, my fella arrived home and suggested we go kayaking in the Cove. I’m a new kayaker – just got my boat a couple of months ago, and have been doing some easy river and lake paddling, but this was my salt-water initiation.

20150627_190434It wasn’t until I was actually on the water that I thought, “Aha! Here’s my Ace of Cups moment!”. Really experiencing the element of water, sensing and reacting to the influences of tides and currents. I started thinking about how kayaking is a great metaphor – how the key to sailing smoothly and serenely upon the waters of life is to sense and feel the undercurrents (emotions in tarot-speak) and the winds (thoughts in tarot-speak), and react and adjust accordingly. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled from your course by winds or tide. To move in a straight line while kayaking, it is recommended that you focus your vision on one point in the direction in which you wish to travel. In life as well, it is important to maintain your focus on your goal, on where you wish to go. Also, going with the tides of life is so much easier than trying to move against the tide, but sometimes you have to go against the tides to get where you want – just keep sticking your paddle in and pulling yourself along, one stroke at a time.

We circled around the Cove clockwise, then under a bridge at the “head” of the Cove, where the island’s freshwater brook flows out into the salt water. It was then I realized that the Cove is very much shaped like the chalice depicted in the Waite-Smith card – the Cove being the bowl of the chalice, and the brook being the stem of the chalice. And there are lily pads in the brook, just as there are in the water beneath the cup in the card.

The Ace of Cups, as I mentioned, can represent birth – well as I floated back down the brook, to go through the tunnel under the bridge, and to emerge out into the Cove again, I’ll admit I had to giggle. 20150627_195606


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