Ace of Pentacles: Cutting Wood


I love the imagery in the Wild Unknown tarot’s Ace of Pentacles. My family relies on wood heat to get us through our long cold Canadian winters, and my husband sustainably cuts our own firewood from a family wood lot. He cuts the wood, then I help him split it and bring it home to stack and dry in the sun.

The suit of Pentacles in tarot represents material comfort, the home, and money. Well, any Northern country dweller will tell you a full woodpile is like having money in the bank. It is the promise of warmth and comfort; the potential of those things, befitting the Ace of the suit.

I love the glow in the heart of the wood in the illustration on the card – I have often meditated while splitting wood on how each tree contains the warmth of the suns of decades of summer – and that by cutting and burning that tree, we are releasing all that heat and fire of the sun the tree absorbed, even during the coldest depths of winter.


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