Tarot Art Journalling

I’ve always been a journaller – since I could hold a pencil in my little fingers, I’ve written in books. I have stacks of my high school and college journals. One night a few years ago I dug them out and spent an evening on the floor of my spare room drinking a bottle of wine and cringing, laughing, and crying over words written by a much younger, completely different me.

I have also, in my tarot journey, found it very helpful to keep tarot journals. I keep journals of readings I’ve done (not all of them make it in there, but significant ones, and those on special dates or turning points are written up). I have a journal for tarot meanings, associations and correspondences (and one for Lenormand cards as well). I even have journals for certain decks – for instance, as I am studying the Thoth deck currently, I have a Thoth journal.

As part of my plan to start drawing and painting again this winter, I thought I’d blend my loves of tarot and art together by starting tarot art journalling.
Last night I began. I used some ideas modified from Mary K. Greer’s super book “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card”, as well as some ides from artist and tarotist Lisa de St. Croix.

My old friend, my RWS deck which I’ve had for 25 years was brought out. I asked what I could do to ensure that I can be successful making a living solely doing tarot and art/jewelry. I pulled five cards, and spent a few minutes thinking about the significance of each card. Then I threw them in my photocopier, and made colour copies of the five cards. wpid-20151010_192035.jpg

I cut the figures out from their backgrounds, then spent a few minutes arranging them on my journal page, imaging the scene that they would all be in together. wpid-20151010_193520.jpgAfter sticking down the figures with glue, I then used a marker to draw the scenery in around the figures, then added a wash of colour with water soluble pencils and a wet brush.

I went in after and added some keywords which came from the advice I imagined each figure would have for me in this situation. wpid-20151010_225905.jpg

It was a fun way to spend an hour, and I was able to see the cards in a new way –  a change in perspective is always a good thing. Breaking the figures out of their boxes – from the confines of their cards – really brings them to life.

Give it a go and let me know in the comments how it works for you! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Tarot Art Journalling

  1. I’ve journaled daily for about 30 yrs- from five or six crooked simple words in a new diary when I was 6, to after my daughters were born. I love the idea of combining art journaling and Tarot journal entries. What a great way to let both sides of the brain “play” together!
    Thanks for inspiring me Monica.


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