Moss Agate – stone of earthing and birthing

I’m starting off an ongoing series of blog posts featuring the stones I use in my jewelry with one of my absolute favorite stones: Moss Agate.

Agates in general are hard stones, usually of volcanic origin, in the Quartz category. They can be found all over the world in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Moss agate looks like bits of green moss trapped in clear or often misty glass – they remind me of walking through the forest on a wet foggy day.

Moss agate and copper necklace. Available in my Etsy shop – click here or on the SHOP button above to buy it now 🙂

Moss agate is *the* stone for gardeners and all earth workers. Historically it was worn on the arm while farming or working in the garden, or tied to the horns of oxen while they ploughed the soil. Some people “plant” it in their gardens or hang it from fruit trees to ensure a bountiful crop. It can also be worn to encourage wealth and abundance in all areas of life.

As a stone of fertility, it can be worn by those trying to conceive – whether you wish to become pregnant, or if you wish to conceive of and “give birth” to any kind of creative project. It is perfect for new beginnings of all sorts.

Moss Agate has also been worn or used by midwives to ensure a safe and smooth childbirth.

It is a stone that relates to Gaia, Ceres, Demeter, Pachamama, and Mother Earth. It can also be worn by those seeking to forge a deeper connection with nature spirits and devas.

“Gaia” Moss Agate with amber and jet. 2014. SOLD

In tarot, Moss agate relates to the Queen of Pentacles, and the Empress, as both cards speak of fertility, creation, a connection with the Earth. I guess it makes sense why I love it so – as a Virgo, the Queen of Pentacles is my astrological significator, and it is the Court card I relate to the most. I am a gardener, a creator of all manner of things, and I feel a strong bond with the land, the flora and fauna of where I live.

Moss Agate is also considered a stone of protection. As it relates so strongly to the Earth, it is a stone which promotes stability and security, great for when you need to feel rooted.

Check out my Etsy shop for more sacred stone jewelry, and follow my blog as I look into the healing and magical properties of the stones I work with.



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