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The Rubber Boot Mystic is a collection of my writings on two of my big loves: tarot and nature.

Why rubber boots? I spend time almost every day wandering through spruce woods and basalt shores here on the little island off Canada’s side of the North Atlantic where I live, tracing trails in my trusty rubber boots. Swamp, stream, and meadow, my boots can take me anywhere.  But also, here in my little fishing village rubber boots are the de rigeur work uniform. Whether you work on a lobster boat, in a fish factory, or are puttering in the garden, when you are ready to get to work you pull on your rubber boots.

woods wanderers
When I am not playing with cards or wandering in the woods with my chocolate lab, I also can be found at my workbench making jewelry, paddling my kayak, or curled up with my nose in a book.

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